Comic Book Crossovers Do Battle at Fantasy

Fantasy Magazine has published my latest column, “Battle of the Comic Book Mega-Crossovers: Final Crisis vs. Secret Invasion.”  It’s a fun look at the galaxy-spanning crossovers that Marvel and DC put out over the past year, including some nice visuals. Check it out, and while you’re there, check out some of their other awesome stuff, … More Comic Book Crossovers Do Battle at Fantasy

Secret Invasion: The “Wha-huh?” Moments

So Marvel Comics has just wrapped up Secret Invasion,  its mega-crossover for 2008.  Shape-changing alien skrulls secretly invade earth, taking the place of many of your favorite superheroes.  You can’t trust anybody anymore.  An old but fun premise with lots of potential, especially in the hands of talented writer Brian Michael Bendis.  Sadly, it concluded with a … More Secret Invasion: The “Wha-huh?” Moments