2009 How it Went

In emulation of the inimitable Christopher Green, I thought I’d post some stats on how I did toward my writing goals in 2009. I sent out 27 submissions this year.  Pretty modest compared to Mr. Green’s 75, but a personal best for me.  (In previous years I sent out no more than 20 subs.) The … More 2009 How it Went

Wilde Stories

I recently got news that my story “Tío Gilberto and the Twenty-Seven Ghosts” will be reprinted in next year’s Wilde Stories, an annual year’s best anthology of LGBT speculative literature.  The series is published by Lethe Press, an independent press publishing all sorts of stuff at the fun nexus of the queer and the speculative.   This year’s edition of Wilde Stories … More Wilde Stories

Review at IROSF

Over at the Internet Review of Science Fiction (IROSF), Lois Tilton has done her latest round-up of recent short speculative fiction, including a review of the latest issue of Realms of Fantasy.  She gives my story a not-easily-handed-out “Recommended” and has some nice things to say about it, e.g.: “Light humored tale of the importance of human connections, with … More Review at IROSF

A Few Bits of Good News

I’ve gotten a couple of bits of good news in the past few weeks. Shimmer has accepted one of my stories, “Crepuscular.”  Shimmer is one of my favorite zines, and they’ve been publishing some great stuff, especially in the magic realism/slipstream territory, so I”m honored to be part of it. “Crepuscular” is part love story … More A Few Bits of Good News

Realms is Back!

It looks like Realms of Fantasy is not closing after all.  I’m thrilled not only because it means we get to see more stories from one of our strongest Fantasy publications (especially for magic realism), but also because it means my story “Tio Gilberto and the Twenty-Seven Ghosts” will be able to be published in Realms after all.  (I had sold … More Realms is Back!