Shiny New Masthead

The default wordpress image, while nice and vaguely science-fictional, had grown tiresome. This shiny new masthead is from a photo of a work of art made by my friend Skylar Fein, a rising star in the New Orleans art world.  A few years ago, Skylar and I went to New Orleans together for a couple … More Shiny New Masthead

Twilight: Questions and Concerns

Okay, so last weekend, Hassan and I went to see Twilight.  We’d already seen High School Musical 3, so we didn’t really have any choice. Wait, no, I need to start earlier.  This past summer at the life-changing, high-altitude Taos Toolbox writing workshop, Kelly Link (amazing writer and mindblowing instructor) provided a fascinating, detailed description of the “sparkly … More Twilight: Questions and Concerns

JJ Abrams & Star Trek: New Hope or Disaster Movie?

The new Star Trek trailer came out last week. This version has a different ending, with a cameo by Leonard Nimoy as old Spock: On first viewing, the trailer got me excited.  Going back to a younger Kirk and Spock seems promising, especially after several lackluster movies that felt like they were covering well-trodden territory (or, … More JJ Abrams & Star Trek: New Hope or Disaster Movie?

For Abba Fans Only

Have you ever been listening to “Waterloo” and wished there were just one more Abba tune to lip sync ?  Seek no further… experience the wonder that is The A-Teens….  The bassline!  The synchronized dance routine! The vacuous beauty!  They have it all! And then there’s this gem, which manages to masterfully marry the classic Abba song with … More For Abba Fans Only

Whither the Muppets?

I was always a bit skeptical about Disney buying the Muppets.  Mickey Mouse and Miss Piggy just don’t quite go together.  Now, apparently, a generation of youngsters aren’t even sure who Miss Piggy is.  Still, I am hopeful that things might turn around.  “Desperate Housepigs” sounds pretty promising….