Birthday Business, Shout-Outs, and Other Matters

Today is my 33rd birthday, and I’m celebrating by taking a mini-cation from work to write and see close friends – two of my favorite activities.  I was thinking of having a big party for myself but that sounded an awful lot like the event-organizing I’ve been doing for work lately, so I decided to postpone … More Birthday Business, Shout-Outs, and Other Matters

E.T. Rewatch

Last night I was hanging out with my cuz, searching for a movie to watch amidst the labyrinth of on-demand menus, and he mentioned he’d never seen E.T.  And I was all, “You’ve never seen E.T.!?” and so we immediately ended our search and purchased it for the very reasonable price of $1.99. I was … More E.T. Rewatch

X-Ray Visions

Yesterday, I got a call from my new rheumatologist with the results of some recent X-rays he ordered. Oh wait, some exposition first for those who are new to the show: Almost a decade ago (have I really been an “adult” for an entire decade?) I started getting severe pain and stiffness in my joints, especially my back … More X-Ray Visions


Was just doing some late-night channel-surfing before going to bed, and I ran across an infomercial for the “Heatsurge Fireplace.”  Apparently, “the Amish painstakingly handcraft each Heatsurge fireplace,” which uses “fireless flame technology,” allowing you to set up a portable fireplace anywhere with an electrical outlet. This short YouTube clip will give you a taste, … More Amish-sploitation