New Story in Strange Horizons Caribbean SFF Special Issue

I have a new story out in Strange Horizons! It’s called “Brincando Charcos (Jumping Puddles.” In Puerto Rico, and some other Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean, “brincar el charco” means “to jump the puddle” and it’s an expression for crossing the ocean to come to the mainland. It’s sort of like the British expression, “crossing the pond.” (The British shrink the Atlantic to a pond, and in Puerto Rico, we shrink it all the way down to a puddle.) I’ve always loved the expression, and also always thought there had to be a speculative story in it somewhere. When Strange Horizons put out their call for a special Caribbean issue, it finally gave me the push I needed to write the story that had been simmering in my head for many years.

The entire Strange Horizons Caribbean SFF Special Issue is full of impactful stories and poetry spanning a diverse range of Caribbean experiences, as well as thought-provoking introductory essays by editors Marika Bailey and Suzan Palumbo. I highly recommend checking out the entire issue!

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