Wrote another 700 words today, bringing the mini-writing marathon total up to 1,400 on Day 2.  I had to spend a bunch of the day taking care of medical appointments and other errands, which slowed me down quite a bit.  At some point I’ll need to make up a day’s worth of words, but that feels very do-able since so far I’ve only been able to actually do a couple of hours worth of actual writing each day.  But I can feel my momentum gaining. I’ve started to enter that mode where my critical brain is okay with just writing, getting the words down on paper, willing to save the finessing for another day.

3 thoughts on “700

  1. Just remember that you don’t actually have to write 1400 words; you just have to write the next hundred. And, really, a hundred words is, what, fifteen minutes of typing? Twenty, if you hunt and peck rather than touch type? A hundred words is *easy* 🙂

  2. Thx for the encouragement, guys. Just taking it a hundred words at a time is a great way to go, very AA-like….

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