Jumping on the Wordcount Wagon

I have two weeks off from work – hoorah! – and for my summer vacation I will be travelling to other planets via my trusty little laptop.  Specifically, the other planets of my young adult scifi novel.  I’m going to try for something really ambitious, like writing 20,000 words of the novel in 15 days.  That’s like 1,350 words a day.  This is pretty ambitious for me… At Clarion and Taos and other times when I was writing full time, I wrote maybe 6,000 words max on a good week, or well under 1,000 words a day.  But that was with lots of time devoted to classes and critiquing other people’s stuff, not to mention the mounds of time I spend re-writing my own stuff.  Right now I’m going to focus mainly on generating new material, just getting it on the page, so I think I should be able to keep up the pace.

Today was Day 1 and I hit 700 words.  Half the daily benchmark, but this was really just a warm-up day.

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