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A Few Bits of Good News

I’ve gotten a couple of bits of good news in the past few weeks. Shimmer has accepted one of my stories, “Crepuscular.”  Shimmer is one of my favorite zines, and they’ve been publishing some great stuff, especially in the magic realism/slipstream territory, so I”m honored to be part of it. “Crepuscular” is part love story about a wannabe rock star and a public health official, part tragic tale of a magical Francophile snowman, but more than anything it’s a sort of dialogue with The Little Prince, one of my favorite books ever, both as a kid and an adult.  The story should be out some time in the fall–you can subscribe now to make sure you get your copy.

In other news, the latest Year’s Best Science Fiction collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, came out a couple weeks ago.  “This is My Blood,” which I co-wrote with Chris Lynch, was listed in the honorable mentions.  I was pleased to see a bunch of stories by other Clarion-mates in the list as well.

Obviously I haven’t been too active here the past couple months.  Life has been intruding on blogging in a number of ways, including running a huge event, multiple crises at work and home, and moving. It looks like things are quieting down a bit now….

Right now I’m enjoying the nostalgic childhood ritual of watching Saturday morning  cartoons.  The Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon is awesome – so fun to see a lighter side of Batman amidst all the ultra-serious Dark Knight  interpretations that dominate lately.

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  1. Thanks, guys! It’s great to be back from my self-imposed exile from the Blogosphere!

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