Was just doing some late-night channel-surfing before going to bed, and I ran across an infomercial for the “Heatsurge Fireplace.”  Apparently, “the Amish painstakingly handcraft each Heatsurge fireplace,” which uses “fireless flame technology,” allowing you to set up a portable fireplace anywhere with an electrical outlet. This short YouTube clip will give you a taste, though it’s not quite as hilarious as the full infomercial:

I don’t know what to call this other than Amish-sploitation. On the full infomercial, there are even more references to the brilliant craftsmanship of the Amish, including a testimonial from one satisfied customer who bought it because he knows “the Amish make great products.”  The whole thing is hilarious on too many levels. 

But here is my favorite quote from the infomercial (sadly not in the Youtube clip) – and I wrote this down word for word, it was so perfect in its brilliance:

Order now while supplies last … Entire communities of Amish craftsmen are straining to keep up with the demand!

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