BSG is blowing my mind

OMG, these past few new episodes of Battlestar Galactica have been amazing.  I love the direction the series is taking in the final episodes.  One of the best things about the series has always been the moral ambiguity, and now they are taking that to the upteenth degree.  (Fold inserted here for the sake of spoiler etiquette)

Adama being tried as a war criminal? Laura Roslin ordering Galactica to surrender from a Cylon ship?  I love the way that all the characters are faced with tough choices, and you can identify with all of them to some extent.  Even Gaeta, who’s made such stupid and annoying decisions lately, was still completely human and sympathetic in this episode.  At the end I really felt for him.

The best part is the way identities and sides have been completely blurred.  The Cylons wiped out nearly all of humanity, but now we’ve discovered we’ve been fighting shoulder to shoulder with four of them for all these years.  Now we get to see how the characters react to that, with some surprising us by rising to the occasion, and others miserably failing.  But there are layers of complexity even beyond that.  Adama seems like he’s managed to adapt to the new paradigm pretty quickly, even though he hated the Cylons more than anybody … yet at the end of the episode, there he was, ordering the firing squad to fire, just as they were planning to do to him only hours before.  On BSG nothing is ever straightforward….

I hope they manage to keep this up and bring the great show to close that’s worthy of it.

2 thoughts on “BSG is blowing my mind

  1. The show was so captivating ’till we got to the end. Like the “Klingons” it should of ended in a blaze of glory with minimal raesons how humanity pushed onto the creation of modern day Earth. Maybe could of used one more episode to wrap it up with more action scenes than mushy ones.

  2. Ditto. I liked the first hour of the finale, but the second hour was incredibly slow and disappointing. I didn’t mind the lack of explanations for many things – I never really expected that. But it seemed like they spent a whole lot of time bringing the show to a conclusion that was basically a *very* old science fiction cliche and didn’t add much to the grand themes the show had been exploring.

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