Comic Book Crossovers Do Battle at Fantasy

Fantasy Magazine has published my latest column, “Battle of the Comic Book Mega-Crossovers: Final Crisis vs. Secret Invasion.”  It’s a fun look at the galaxy-spanning crossovers that Marvel and DC put out over the past year, including some nice visuals. Check it out, and while you’re there, check out some of their other awesome stuff, … More Comic Book Crossovers Do Battle at Fantasy

Realms Resurrection?

A new article came out today in SFscope, saying that one or more bidders may be interested in buying Realms of Fantasy. Which, I imagine, would mean that they would resume publishing the mag at some point in the near future, which would be pretty cool.  Maybe Tio Gilberto won’t be homeless after all….


Was just doing some late-night channel-surfing before going to bed, and I ran across an infomercial for the “Heatsurge Fireplace.”  Apparently, “the Amish painstakingly handcraft each Heatsurge fireplace,” which uses “fireless flame technology,” allowing you to set up a portable fireplace anywhere with an electrical outlet. This short YouTube clip will give you a taste, … More Amish-sploitation


Saw Equus this weekend on Broadway and it what was well worth it.  Everybody’s talking about Daniel Radcliffe, because he’s the sensational, big (and somewhat unexpected) name that’s been getting the attention of the press and audience-goers.  He was very good – and he clearly has a range that goes well beyond Harry Potter – … More Equus