2009 as we imagined it

I have a new article up at Fantasy Magazine, cataloging some of the events in speculative fiction that were said to take place in 2009 – from Star Trek time travel and The Master’s conquest of Earth in Dr. Who to David Brin’s post-apocalyptic The Postman and the more recent monster movie Cloverfield.  Whoever did the graphics and layout did a great job on the design for the article, as is always the case at Fantasy.

You’re likely to see more nonfiction from me at Fantasy this year, so keep an eye out for it.

Carrie Vaughn on Urban Fantasy

Carrie Vaughn has a very cool series of posts up about the Urban Fantasy sub-genre, why it’s so popular these days, and how a genre that grew out of feminism is, at times, oddly anti-feminist.  (This last one is my own words, not sure if Carrie would exactly agree with that characterization, but that was how I read it.)  Check it out here.

If you don’t already know her work, when not creating insightful blog posts Carrie Vaughn is a writer of cool short stories and a series of novels about Kitty Narville, a werewolf who hosts a talk radio advice show for supernatural beings.

Must Read on Subway and Other Resolutions

When I was doing my round-up of books I enjoyed in 2008, I noticed I read much fewer books than usual this year – only around 20 books, which is probably half what I usually read in a year.  Part of this is because lately, I’ve been not-reading on my daily commute on the New York subway.  Instead I often just sit there thinking about the things I have to get done at work that day.  This cuts down on the reading I get done, and also probably just gets me stressed out rather than making me more productive.  So New Year’s resolution #1 is to read on the subway every day.  Other resolutions include…

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Zombies Take Over Prom


A couple weeks ago, Hassan and I were at Blockbuster, on the neverending quest for a good movie to rent, and we stumbled across the recently released “independent zombie comedy” Dance of the Dead.  I know there are some zombie-lovers out there, and I thought you might be into a movie where zombies invade a typical American high school prom, making quick work of all the cool kids, leaving only the geeks and outcasts to save the day.

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