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Zombies Take Over Prom


A couple weeks ago, Hassan and I were at Blockbuster, on the neverending quest for a good movie to rent, and we stumbled across the recently released “independent zombie comedy” Dance of the Dead.  I know there are some zombie-lovers out there, and I thought you might be into a movie where zombies invade a typical American high school prom, making quick work of all the cool kids, leaving only the geeks and outcasts to save the day.

Now it’s not quite as amazing as, say, Shaun of the Dead, just so I don’t get your expectations up too high.  But this is a very satisfying movie experience.  You don’t get much higher on the scale of schadenfreude than watching zombies attack the obnoxious cool kids at high school. And the characters are well-drawn and fun – they draw on stereotypes a bit, but also have some unique quirks that mix it up.  And each one has their own little character arc, a few of which are actually not entirely predictable, which makes the movie a bit more meaty than the usual horror-comedy fare.  Definitely worth watching, if you can get your hands on it.

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