Personal Note About Realms of Fantasy Closing

It’s pretty much run rampant around the net for the past day or two that Realms of Fantasy is abruptly and unexpectedly closing.  Yet another victim of our tanking economy. ROF published some great stuff, from high fantasy to magic realism, with a lovely design and gorgeous illustrations.  It will be missed! On a personal note, I’d … More Personal Note About Realms of Fantasy Closing

President Obama

Was just chatting with Hassan and at one point he said “the President” in reference to George W. Bush, then quickly corrected himself, “I mean, the former President.”  And then we both laughed and took a moment to enjoy the fact that the meaning of the words “the President” had completely changed in the past … More President Obama

2009 as we imagined it

I have a new article up at Fantasy Magazine, cataloging some of the events in speculative fiction that were said to take place in 2009 – from Star Trek time travel and The Master’s conquest of Earth in Dr. Who to David Brin’s post-apocalyptic The Postman and the more recent monster movie Cloverfield.  Whoever did the graphics and … More 2009 as we imagined it