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For Abba Fans Only

Have you ever been listening to “Waterloo” and wished there were just one more Abba tune to lip sync ?  Seek no further… experience the wonder that is The A-Teens…. 

The bassline!  The synchronized dance routine! The vacuous beauty!  They have it all!

And then there’s this gem, which manages to masterfully marry the classic Abba song with the plot of The Breakfast Club, complete with cameo appearance by actor Paul Gleason (you’ll see what I mean):

A bit of historical background, in case you’re new to the A-Teens: they were, indeed, a young Swedish pop music group modeled deliberately after Abba.  As the wisdom of Wikipedia tells us: 

In 1998, Marie, Amit, Dhani, and Sara were musically united as the ABBA Teens. However, upon the request of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA, the group’s name was changed to the A*Teens to avoid confusion.[3] This choice allowed the band more freedom in creating their own style of music and not be solely based around ABBA.

3. ^ Douglas Wolk (200005-08). “How Swede It Is“. Boston Phoenix. Retrieved on 200710-14.

Of course, there may be some of you reading who are not Abba fans and find this all quite disturbing.  In that case, leave my blog.  I mean it. Go.

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