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Interfictions 2 Seeking Genre-Bending Fiction

Interfictions 2 is looking for submissions of “interstitial” fiction, or stories that bend genres, defy categorization, and are just all around weird. The first Interfictions anthology was high-quality stuff, so this will be a cool anthology to be part of.  It’s edited by Delia Sherman and Chris Barzak, both amazing writers who have been known to break genre rules now and again, and the whole thing is a project of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes the idea of interstitial art.  (The IAF’s official address is a PO Box in Boston,  but I believe that the organization’s true headquarters may actually exist at the nexus of several parallel universes, like in the DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths and sequels; however, this has not yet been confirmed.)

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